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PTS Hosts Executive Leadership Networking Event with Keynote by LTG (Ret) Lance Landrum

On the evening of June 19, 2024, PTS successfully hosted the Executive Leaders Networking Event at Brass Rabbit in Arlington, Virginia. The event brought together over 50 CXOs from leading GovCon firms and affiliated organization

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Five Things to Know About NSPA's Contracting Process

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) serves as the bridge between industry capabilities and NATO’s common-funded and national requirements. Through a streamlined, fair, transparent, and responsive contracting process, NSPA aims to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for both collective and national defense.

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Q1 2024 Industry Update

2024 is set to be another year of extraordinary geopolitical volatility with the deteriorating security environment exemplified by a mounting number of conflicts, such as the Hamas-Israel war, Russia’s continued aggression against Ukraine, coups in Niger and Gabon, as well as China’s more assertive maneuvers around Taiwan, in the South China Sea and elsewhere.

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How does NSPA Work?

The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) is NATO’s principal logistics support agency. NSPA's main tasks are to assist NATO nations by conducting common procurement and supply of spare parts, issuing maintenance and repair services necessary for the support of various weapon systems, and providing technical support.

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Crafting Meaningful Job Descriptions for Successful Recruiting

“Kill your darlings.”  It was a phrase introduced to me by composer Laura Jobin-Acosta at the opera the other night.  It’s the idea that composers and librettists sometimes need to take the things that they love about a piece and edit them out anyway for the greater good...

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NSPA’s Growing Support to the Alliance

In recent years, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has continued to expand its support to NATO.   Annual final commitments can now exceed over 4 billion euros.  What has changed?  What trends are fueling that growth?  What are they purchasing on behalf of the Alliance?  

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The Importance of Innovation

The definition of "innovation" will change from business to business and industry to industry. Precision is a company of people, dedicated to people, and in that way, innovation will focus on people...

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Industry Year in Review

Our extensive experience in the industry, as well as our broad network, gives us a mezzanine view across multiple programs, agencies, and companies.

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Supporting Ukraine: Current initiatives and opportunities

The international community's commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense and reconstruction efforts has seen multiple initiatives and opportunities converge...

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Q3 Industry Update

The third quarter gave way to several significant contract awards and Ukraine updates. MRO, logistics, and base life support were among the major awards.

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Insights from the 2023 ISOA Ukraine conference

We recently had the privilege of participating in the ISOA conference in Warsaw, where we delved into crucial discussions about Ukraine.

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PTS searching for Panagora's next CEO

Precision Talent Solutions (PTS) is proud to partner with Panagora Group in conducting a retained search for their next CEO.

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PTS is the 1593rd fastest growing american company!

Precision Talent Solutions is proud to announce our new ranking of 1593 on the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing American companies!

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Q2 Industry Update

This comprehensive review of the GovCon Industry during the second quarter of 2023 covers all major program updates and industry trends.

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Q1 Industry Update

The first quarter of 2023 ends with significant developments for companies in the U.S. Government contracting landscape.

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Hiring and getting hired during a recession

The year of the layoff has started, and many tech companies are predicted to follow suit in 2023.

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5 things your CEO wants but won’t tell you

Learn the top 5 things your CEO won't say and why they matter. Gain insights on the job market, talent acquisition costs, ...

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PTS Bi-Weekly Contract Awards January 13th

PTS monitors contract awards through the US Government and NATO.

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Are AI Bots Ruining Your Chance at Your Dream Job?

How Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Work ...

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New Year’s Resolution: New Job

Advice on finding a new job in the new year and navigating the impersonal online application process.

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Ten months into 2022 and it's been a year of historical events, each of which had a lasting impact on the Government Contracting industry.

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PTS closely monitors USAID funding, contracts, and implementation seeking to best serve our customers.

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Six months into 2022, the year has already seen major historical events. Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine focused NATO and ...

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6 Tips for the Executive LinkedIn Profile

Opinions are like LinkedIn profiles, everyone has one. Some are just better than others.

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After last year's Afghanistan rapid extraction and the continued challenges with COVID, we expected the world to return to normalcy in 2022.

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Overseas Talent Migration

Much of the industry talent in overseas contracting has been caught in a recent downturn due to negative externalities in both the Defense and Energy markets.

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Where Personality Matters the Most...Overseas Managers

The overseas contracting industry is one of the most unique and demanding work environments in the world. What makes us successful is our ability to handle stress, ...

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LOGCAP, DiPSS, DLA, etc. 2019 Halftime Report

As we mark the halfway point for 2019, it is a good chance for us to recap what has transpired in our industry since our 2019 Forecast back in January and look at possibilities ...

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The 5 Talent Challenges for Overseas Managers

As we mark the halfway point for 2019, it is a good chance for us to recap what has transpired in our industry since our 2019 Forecast back in January and ...