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Overseas Talent Migration

Much of the industry talent in overseas contracting has been caught in a recent downturn due to negative externalities in both the Defense and Energy markets. This is especially true for the executives and senior managers who have served in the field over the last decade. This downturn has shifted the buying power towards the hiring companies as there is an oversupply of qualified talent in the market. This has resulted in downward pressure on compensation, and the talent pool has had to settle on less than ideal packages for new roles or limited upward mobility in their current roles.

As the tides of the market strengthen, the power will again shift in the Talent’s favor as new projects create more demand for the best talent. Companies seeking the best talent must harness the ability to proactively seek out the passive talent from their competitors who may not be actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities. Innovative companies will be first to see the opportunity in this potential flight of valuable human capital and will use the right tools to attract and retain top talent during the migration.   

Overseas managers are a special breed with long memories and strong networks. Companies can use the current downturn in demand to find the right “cultural fit” for their projects so those individuals will choose to stay when the migration begins.

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