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PRECISION TALENT SOLUTIONS closely monitors USAID funding, contracts, and implementation seeking to best serve our customers. We leverage our experienced team with innovative technology and best practices to provide our clients with actionable intelligence needed to succeed. PTS is currently monitoring USAID’s response to Covid-19, the conflict in Ukraine, and the Next Generation Global Health Supply Chain.

UKRAINE continues to face the brunt of Russia’s unprovoked attack. The conflict has dragged on for over three months leading to serious implications for Ukraine, Eastern Europe, and the Global markets. President Biden recently announced an additional $225 million of humanitarian aid to Ukraine through USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance. According to the White House Briefing Room this funding will go to, “supplying safe drinking water, critical medical supplies and health care, food, shelter, and cash for families to purchase essential items.”

COVID-19 remains a potent force in the backdrop to the conflict in Eastern Europe. While much of the Western world has opened for business, China remains locked down throwing a wrench in the global supply chain. USAID continues to support communities outside the United States with vaccine donations. June 18th and 19th USAID delivered two shipments of Pfizer’s pediatric Covid-19 vaccine to Nepal and Mongolia.

NEXT GENERATION GLOBAL HEALTH SUPPLY CHAIN is a topic that most people want to know more about. Building on lessons learned over the past 15 years, USAID’s supply chain program will be procured using 8 stand along procurements with a combined projected total estimated cost of almost $14 billion. Business Forecast | U.S. Agency for International Development ( 

PRECISION TALENT SOLUTIONS remains well-positioned to support clients seeking to work with USAID. Charles “Chuck” Pope, Chief International Development Officer, recently joined PTS after a 20-year career as a commissioned Foreign Service Officer and senior Contracting and Agreement Officer at USAID. His extensive USAID experience provides a unique perspective capable of offering clients a full range of advisory services. From USAID 101, mapping and gapping, engagement plan build, bid and pursuit support, to countless other consulting services, Pope is ready to serve your team.