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LOGCAP, DiPSS, DLA, etc. 2019 Halftime Report

As we mark the halfway point for 2019, it is a good chance for us to recap what has transpired in our industry since our 2019 Forecast back in January and look at possibilities for the rest of the year. While the first half of 2019 has been active mostly with bidding activity, it is expected that the second half of the year and 2020 will be very busy as many of the main contracts in this overseas contracting space are awarded and start to mobilize. At PTS, we actively position our candidates for opportunities, and we work closely with our clients to provide solutions for senior management, cleared staff, foreign national recruitment, and business development support. Learn more about PTS Services and Follow us on LinkedIn. PTS supports all of the following programs:

LOGCAP V - The awards to Vectrus (CENTCOM/PACOM), Fluor (AFRICOM), KBR (Afghanistan, EUCOM, NORTHCOM), and PAE-Parsons (SOUTHCOM) announced on 12 April have received a total of 10 protests which are under review with the Government Accountability Office (GAO). With those protests has been a “stop work” for moving forward while the GAO reviews the protests. The expected date for the last protest to be resolved is 9 August 2019. Depending on the findings of the GAO, a number of courses of action can happen:

  • GAO can overturn the protests and lift the stop work. At that point, the awarded contractors will be able to move forward with transition and execution.
  • There is a potential course of action that at least one of the contractors could go to the Court of Federal Claims to seek an injunction on lifting the stop work while other legal remedies are sought. This could delay the transition for weeks/months.
  • It is possible that GAO would provide some sort of corrective action or require Rock Island to make changes, even to the awarded scenarios.

So the transition for LOGCAP V could start as early as August or could be pushed until later this year or even into 2020. LOGCAP V will require cleared US personnel, but it will also require non-US management and foreign national trade talent.

DIPSS - The Department of State (DoS) awarded the Diplomatic Platform Support Services (DiPSS) contract on 5 June 2019 to 11 different companies (PAE, Fluor, Dyncorp, KBR, Triple Canopy (Constellis), IAP, AECOM, Vectrus, Xator Corporation, SOSi, and Global Technical Services). Now that the base contract has been awarded, the DoS can start to issue Task Orders to this contractor base for various services. After a post-award meeting with the awardees earlier in July, the DoS is expected to start releasing Task Orders for different areas of support. It is expected that Task Orders for Iraq O&M, BLiSS, and then ALiSS will be solicited over the next several months. There is also a stand alone acquisition ongoing intended for single award for DoS platforms in Moscow, Beijing, and Brussels which appears will not be under DIPSS. These DoS programs will require both cleared US personnel as well as Foreign Nationals that are able to obtain MRPT clearances.

AFCAP - The Air Force continues to utilize this MATOC with 8 primes to obtain support for its units around the world. Recent Task Order activity has been in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan with Vectrus, KBR, DynCorp, PAE-Perini, IAP, Jacobs, Fluor, and AECOM competing for work on AFCAP IV. Bids for the next generation of this program, AFCAP V, were submitted on 12 April 2019, so we should expect award by the end of the year. The next generation is expected to be for over 8 years including options, so getting a seat on this MATOC is critical for the primes. Separately, the Air Force is continuing its acquisition process for Turkey/Spain Maintenance program with award expected later this year. Among other labor categories, these Air Force programs generally requires security-cleared Engineers, Base Operations, and Flight Ops personnel.

Africa Programs - The Department of State continues to exercise its Africa-wide MATOC’s, AFRICAP and ACOTA (now called GPOI) to support various operations throughout the continent. Companies such Engility (now called SAIC), PAE, AECOM, Relyant, Constellis, Skybridge Tactical, Michael Baker, Blue Force, Celestar, Downrange Operations, ATSI, and NEWS compete for Task Orders for logistics, construction, and training & mentoring. These Task Orders often require experienced trainers, logisticians, medical, ISR, and counter-IED professionals to include both US and Foreign National subject matter experts. There are great opportunities for retired military and those with experience in Africa, both US, foreign, and African talent.

DLA - There continues to be slow progress on awards for the core commodity contracts. On the Subsistence (food) side, the transition for Kuwait/Iraq/Jordan from ANHAM to KGL has started, and the contracts in Afghanistan and Europe/Africa are still under evaluation. The MRO program for CENTCOM is under evaluation with the RFP’s for AFRICOM, EUCOM, Korea, and Japan expected soon. These DLA programs generally do not require clearances and focuses mainly on procurement & supply chain personnel. There is also a unique program for DLA augmentation (DLA Global Support Contract) which is under evaluation which will require on-call cleared subject matter experts worldwide.

Linguists: The Department of the Army’s Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM) continues to exercise its MATOC for global linguist support through the DLITE II program with Task Order activity in EUCOM and AFRICOM. There are 20 primes on this MATOC including Mission Essential Personnel, Valiant Integrated Services, and Global Linguist Solutions (AECOM). These programs generally require individuals with at least C1 level of fluency in English and the local language. The second half of 2019 promises to be even busier as these contracts get awarded, so the long wait for opportunities may be over. PTS specializes in this overseas contracting space, and we strive to find the right fit between our candidates and our clients by leveraging our technology and experience. Please continue to follow PTS and ensure your profile is up to date on our platform. Contact us at or visit our web site at for more info.