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Insights from the 2023 ISOA Ukraine conference

PTS continues to show leadership for the industry. At the 2023 ISOA Ukraine conference, Jake Frazer led a panel on “Logistics in Challenging Circumstances” that included perspectives from LOGCAP, DLA, USAID, and EUCOM. Jim Shields moderated a panel on “Procurement Support to Ukraine, NATO, and the Region”, highlighting the need for public procurement to expedite Ukraine support.

Here are some standout insights that emerged from the conference:

Connecting Supply with Demand: A pressing “marketplace issue” exists in aligning industry “supply” with multinational support “demand” for Ukraine. Collaboration and innovative partnerships will be instrumental. 

The Importance of Local Partnerships: To support Ukraine’s reconstruction effectively, forging connections with local partners, leveraging homegrown talent, and harnessing local capabilities are paramount for sustainable progress. 

US DoD Contractor Presence: EUCOM’s pursuit of OSD permission for US DoD contractors to operate on Ukrainian soil signifies a significant step in strengthening support efforts. 

Women at the Frontlines: Women are playing a vital role on the front lines and rear-detachment of the war in Ukraine; however, they struggle with gender-appropriate equipment, uniforms, and supplies. 

Advancing DE&I: Defense contractors can play a vital role in advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by ensuring policies drive the inclusion of women in decision-making. 

Urgent Demining Needs: The insatiable demand for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) clearance and demining underscores the critical role these operations play in facilitating reconstruction and economic rebirth.

We also gained invaluable insights into the active engagement of NATO Military and Senior Civilian Staff members throughout the event. Notably, they served as panelists on discussions regarding “Procurement Support to Ukraine, NATO, and the Region” and “Mobility Challenges.”

While NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) maintains discretion regarding their role in supporting Ukraine, they are actively placing regional requirements on contract. NSPA is leveraging their extensive experience in delivering health care solutions, temporary structures, and base-level support to provide multi-national humanitarian-focused contract support when tasked by NATO Nations and NATO HQ. 

NSPA also continues to offer numerous NATO and nationally funded construction contracts throughout Europe. One such example is a new requirement for Camp Support in Poland, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing NATO’s capabilities. 

In collaboration with NATO HQ, NSPA is planning and executing both short-term and long-term Trust Funded projects, contributing to the alliance’s goals and objectives. 

NATO Military speakers at the conference underscored renewed coordination efforts aimed at facilitating cross-border transportation issues in Europe. This includes revisiting lessons from the Cold War era and exploring innovative IT tools to streamline customs clearance for military cargo and equipment convoys. 

Furthermore, NSPA is working closely with Alliance MODs (Ministries of Defence) to design new Host Nation Support contracts. These contracts will provide NATO with regional, flexible convoy support packages that can be executed on short notice, enhancing our collective security. 

At PTS, we are dedicated to staying informed about these critical developments and leveraging our expertise to contribute positively to solve any talent problems that our partners may have.

For those who need assistance with NATO/NSPA projects, please feel free to reach out to our expert consultant, Jim Shields. He can provide valuable insights and support to ensure the success of your endeavors.