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PTS Bi-Weekly Contract Awards January 13th

Precision Talent Solutions is a recruiting company for government contractors. We monitor contract awards for our clients and candidates. These awards are through the United States government and NATO.

  • Inverness Technologies - $20,876,549 Firm Fixed Price Support Services contract for the Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program
  • National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining - $8,474,742 Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee contract to develop power units for vehicles and stationary power generation
  • Delaware Resource Group of Oklahoma - $19,077,956 Firm Fixed Price contract for the Aircrew Training Device/Aircrew Training Aid Services Program
  • Fleet JV - $278,178,452 Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee, IDIQ contract in Support of Naval Aviation Enterprise Aircraft
  • Raytheon - $208,736,138 Firm-Fixed-Price Ccntract for the Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense System for the Republic of Romania
  • Lockheed Martin - $139,651,671 Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee, Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee, Cost-Only, and Firm-Fixed-Price contract for AEGIS fielding and sustainment
  • Sauer Construction - $37,618,000 Firm-Fixed-Price task order under a multiple award construction contract for Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Georgia
  • Raytheon - $8,580,009 Firm-Fixed-Price contract to procure the high-performance infrared equipment components in the MK 46 Gun Weapon System
  • KPMG - $22,143,583 Firm-Fixed-Price task order against a multiple-award schedule contract for Data Team and Audit Response and Sustainment services
  • Bechtel Plant Machinery - $140,225,056 Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee modification to previously awarded contract for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Components
  • M1 Support Services - $83,365,717 Firm-Fixed-Price contract modification for aircraft maintenance services at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada
  • Jacobs, HDR Engineering, Atkins - Black & Veatch - FSB JV, AECOM, and Pond-Baker JV - $30,000,000 Firm-Fixed-Price contract competition for architect-engineer services
  • Noble Supply and Logistics - $90,000,000 Firm-Fixed-Price, IDIQ contract for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies
  • United Parcel, Delta, Northern Air Cargo, Amerijet, Air Transport, and Western Global -$45,000,000 IDIQ contract for medical freight transportation
  • Amentum - $7,628,711 modification to contract W58RGZ-19-C-0018 for worldwide aviation maintenance services
  • Booz Allen, Centra Tech, Avantus Federal/E3 Federal, ECS Federal, ManTech SRS, Schafer Corp., and Strategic Analysis - $183,000,000 for technical and analytical support services
  • Oshkosh - $141,018,624 Firm-Fixed-Price contract for A2 Medium Tactical Trucks and Medium Tactical Trailers
  • SAIC - $99,000,000 Firm-Fixed-Price, IDIQ contract for facilities maintenance, repair, and operations supplies
  • Leidos - $2,993,000 Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee R&D contract for Nuclear Non-Proliferation
  • Guidehouse - $158,000,000 Order Dependent contract for Identity Management System Technology Refresh Project *
  • Strateion Group - $4,500,000 Time and Materials contract for IT Support Services
  • WolfTek Mission Group - $13, 413,000 Firm-Fixed-Price IT Support Services and Software Development Tools contract
  • WolfTek Mission Group - $25,000,000 Firm-Fixed-Price IDIQ Cloud Services and Software Development Tools contract
  • Liberty Eagle Corporation - $2,500,000 Firm-Fixed-Price Marine Freight Services contract for Djbouti
  • HTGS Culmen JV - $100,000,000 Time and Materials Operational Support Services contract

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Sources: DoD, DHS, DoS, USAID