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PTS Hosts Executive Leadership Networking Event with Keynote by LTG (Ret) Lance Landrum

On the evening of June 19, 2024, PTS successfully hosted the Executive Leaders Networking Event at Brass Rabbit in Arlington, Virginia. The event brought together over 50 CXOs from leading GovCon firms and affiliated organizations, all pivotal in delivering critical solutions to support defense, diplomatic, and international development programs worldwide. This gathering provided a valuable platform for networking, sharing ideas, and discussing the latest developments in the GovCon industry.

The event’s highlight was the keynote address by LTG (Ret) Lance Landrum, a recently retired US Air Force General Officer with an impressive 31-year career. He shared his significant international experience with transatlantic security issues, enriched by his roles in both the US and NATO.


Key Insights from LTG (Ret) Landrum

Landrum captivated the audience with his insights, especially from his recent tenure in Europe. He provided a detailed account of his experiences at NATO, where he arrived just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. His perspective on NATO’s political, financial, and operational transformations offered valuable context for understanding the alliance’s current and future challenges. During his keynote, Landrum discussed several critical areas for future defense spending, including:

  • Decision Superiority and AI: Enhancing decision-making processes and information sharing through advanced AI technologies.
  • Autonomy and Unmanned Systems: Leveraging technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of unmanned systems.
  • Sensing and Surveillance: Improving intelligence gathering and situational awareness.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum and Electronic Warfare: Expanding capabilities in these critical areas.
  • Industrial Capacity: Ensuring robust and scalable industrial support.
  • Logistics and Sustainment: Enhancing efficiency in supporting military operations.

Landrum emphasized the importance of societal and infrastructural resilience and highlighted the need to prepare communities to withstand shocks such as cyberattacks, natural disasters, or wars. He stressed that NATO must continue adapting to meet evolving threats, with cooperation among member states being crucial. As a key NATO member, the United States needs to lead by example, investing in cutting-edge technologies, strengthening alliances and partnerships, and prioritizing resiliency and readiness.



“I am honored to share my experiences with PTS and their GovCon leaders, particularly my time in Europe as Deputy Chair of the NATO Military Committee. During my tenure, especially amidst the tense buildup of Russian forces and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, I gained unique insights into NATO’s evolving dynamics and the crucial role of U.S.-NATO collaboration. In discussing the current global security environment, it’s important to understand these perspectives to grasp the broader implications of recent events. These implications translate into significant opportunities for defense contractors: the need for advanced military technology, enhanced cybersecurity measures, and integrated defense systems has never been more urgent. By aligning your innovations with NATO’s strategic goals, you can play a pivotal role in bolstering global security.”



The PTS Executive Leadership Networking Event was a great success, providing an excellent opportunity for leaders in the GovCon industry to connect and gain valuable insights.


About LTG (Ret) Lance Landrum

Lance Landrum is a Retired US Air Force General Officer with 31+ years of service. He served as the 23rd Deputy Chair of the NATO Military Committee from 2021 to 2023. He most recently served as a Special Assistant to the Commander of the United States European Command and, prior to that, served as the Director of Operations (J3) for the United States European Command from July 2020 to July 2021. He earned his commission in May 1992 from the United States Air Force Academy and has held a variety of positions in F-16 fighter operations at the squadron, group, and wing levels. He is a graduate of the US Air Force Weapons School and commanded the 510th Fighter Squadron, Aviano Air Base, Italy, and the 332nd Expeditionary Operations Group, Joint Base Balad, Iraq. LTG (Ret) Landrum commanded the 388th Fighter Wing, Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and the 31st Fighter Wing, Aviano AB, Italy. His duties have included assignments to the Pentagon as the Aide de Camp to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, the Director of the U.S. Air Force Colonels Management Office, and Joint Staff J8 Deputy Director for Requirements and Capability Development. LTG (Ret) Landrum is a command pilot with more than 2,800 flying hours, including 395 combat hours.