With over half our team based in OCONUS, supporting overseas programs is built into our DNA. We manage talent for Contingency Contracting, Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the United Nations (UN), Department for International Development (DIFID), the Foreign Ministry of Defense, and general OCONUS contracting. PTS has extensive experience with the North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO), including the NATO Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA).

Past Performance

Logistics BD Director

Italian MOD

Client Liaison

Polish MOD

Senior Architect


Air Force Contractors


Program Manager


Business Development Executive

Europe Region

"It was great working with the PTS team through all stages of recruitment several months ago. Very competent. Very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend PTS."

- Kenneth Stehle, Executive Account Manager

Benefits of working with Precision Talent Solutions

Speed - Streamlined selection process, round-the-clock efficiency

Quality - See all facets of each candidate, better hiring decisions 

Cost - Lower life cycle cost, reduced attrition, better employee value

Network - Access to broad industry network, deep talent pools