Voice of our Customers

"PTS provides our team with integrated support that includes building specialist labor pipelines of expected talent requirements for bids, on-demand recruitment for high priority requirements, as well as staffing support for specific talent needs. PTS is a strategic partner I can rely on to help us bid and win. In my 30+ years of experience,I have not seen a company that so proactively supports the niche talent needs for our industry like PTS."

- Glen Schuhmacher, CEO

"PTS' technology made assessing candidates easy, and they were hands-on even facilitating multiple rounds of in-person interviews to make sure we got the right talent. It is great to work with real industry insiders who specialize in talent for our sector."

- Howie Lind, President ISOA

"PTS’ knowledge of GovCon IT requirements, classified recruiting, and the nuances of getting people to Germany was extremely helpful in the search. I would definitely recommend PTS to other companies that operate in the GovCon space, especially for highly technical IT roles on classified programs."

- Gerry Galloway, Program Manager, Army TADSS Maintenance Program (ATMP)

"I would recommend PTS to any firm requiring support with filling any “Key/Niche” position in a methodical and timely manner."

- Rick Goundry, Director of International Operations

"PTS combined scientific assessments, video interviewing, and executive insights to delivery high quality candidates which others were not able to find. PTS is proactive in staying one step ahead of our requirements, and they are the extremely professional to work with as on-time, dependable partners."

- Jeffrey Kelley, Program Manager

"I can say without hesitation, PTS and Jake are my go-to company for talent. They have a well-defined methodology to capture employer requirements then find and match candidates to requirements. PTS uses state-of-the-art assessment tools and a keen understanding of the industry and its trends to recommend a candidate. Their leadership and experience in the engineering, logistics and construction industries has proven priceless."

- Jay McGovern, COO

Voice of our Candidates

"I was overjoyed with the fact that there are recruiters who actually deliver on their promise to keep my details and get in touch for future opportunities…Special thanks to Nevenka Popovic for her constructive and humane approach before and after the interview process."

- Ersin Yalcin, Senior BIM Architekt

"PTS coordinated and were present for every meeting with the key stakeholders and stayed in close contact through my first day and followed up 4-6 weeks after I started the new role to confirm with me that I had made the correct career decision. It was an excellent experience working with PTS."

- Mark White, Senior Executive

"I was approached by a recruiter from the PTS firm for a position that I didn't believe I was qualified to fill. Martyn Brooks, who works for Jake and is based in England, met with me nonetheless to see if we could find another position to discuss. The best interviewing process I have ever been part of and I am very excited about my new position at Gardaworld Federal Services."

- Anita Vick, Sr. Director, Business Development

"The PTS recruiters leveraged their decades of govcon experience and technology to match me with an amazing organization that suited many of my career objectives."

- Art Spring, Account Executive

"The advice and guidance in the Cloud government contracting arena was spot on - excellent market intel! The PTS team took time to understand my cloud technical and capture leadership background and what I could bring to the next organization."

- Josiah Helms, Senior Cloud Capture Manager

"PTS was there for every step of the process, making sure that I knew what to expect and following up with feedback. I highly recommend Jake and his team of professionals!"

- Roxanne Kaufman, Senior Vice President

"The PTS team recruiters were not only great mentors but I felt they provided a very personal service that got me consideration and a great position matching my unique skillset with the company needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in the hiring process."

- Neil Glad, International Program Manager

"PTS' process of assessment and video interview allowed my character and experience to come to the forefront. I strongly recommend their services to candidates or employers looking to make a qualified match to mutual benefit."

- W. James Kear, Senior Director

"From the beginning of our talks, it was clear PTS held a sincere and honest interest in me. The PTS team took the time to ensure I was informed and prepared for every step. I appreciate their professionalism, smooth communication, and thoughtfulness throughout the entire application and interview process."

- Nadine Safin, Assistant Controller

"I cannot express enough my gratitude to Jake and his entire team for helping to make my transition successful. PTS is an amazing organization capable of supporting and placing veterans and senior leaders around the world."

- Mark Vertuli, Program Manager

PTS team in action

PTS team members always stay on the move! Our thirty-five-plus professionals, spread across three continents and eleven countries, attend conferences, events, industry days, and more to stay informed. We enjoy getting together as a team; in Kosovo, Washington D.C., or Warsaw, PTS always finds time to have fun!