Diversity & Veteran

Government contracting is making considerable strides in Diversity and Veteran hiring. Each vacant senior role for our customers is an opportunity to add diversity, but this requires active and well-resourced recruiting to be successful.

What we can help you with

Diversity takes Diversity

PTS is a highly diverse organization comprised of thirty-five members across eleven countries.

  • From North America, Europe, to the Middle East, our team is extremely diversified
  • Wide range of race, religion, gender, nationality, and ethnicity
  • Diverse work experience on six continents


PTS is a Veteran-Owned Small Business and is in tune with the veteran community in the government contracting industry.

  • Work closely with American Corporate Partners and other veterans’ groups
  • Coach service members from enlisted to flag officers who are transitioning
  • Support veterans with outreach and networking buildup


We provide our customers with large and current talent pipelines.

  • History of conducting technical talent and executive searches
  • Leveraging our centuries of industry experience
  • Utilizing market intelligence gained from events and association memberships

Recent Placements

"I cannot express enough my gratitude to Jake and his entire team for helping to make my transition successful. PTS is an amazing organization capable of supporting and placing veterans and senior leaders around the world."

- Mark Vertuli, Colonel, Information Operations

"PTS was there for every step of the process, making sure that I knew what to expect and following up with feedback. I highly recommend Jake and his team of professionals!"

- Roxanne Kaufman, Senior Vice President

"The recruiters at PTS managed my expectations throughout the recruiting process, providing coaching for interview preparation, and educating me on the prospective employer. My recruiter also worked hard to understand me and ensure I was comfortable with the position's requirements. I strongly recommend PTS and its team of professionals to candidates and other customers to handle your job search needs."

- Tanya D'Antignac, Head of Human Resources

Benefits of working with Precision Talent Solutions

Speed - Streamlined selection process, round-the-clock efficiency

Quality - See all facets of each candidate, better hiring decisions 

Cost - Lower life cycle cost, reduced attrition, better employee value

Network - Access to broad industry network, deep talent pools