Bid & Proposal Support

Finding the proper Key Personnel for your bids is the difference between winning and losing. We lead an intense recruitment campaign, conduct compliance checks, obtain market intelligence, and manage the Letter of the Commitment process, allowing Capture leaders to focus on the capture, not the recruitment. PTS bolts onto your Capture team to find the most compliant and compelling talent for your bids.

What we can help you with

Vigorous Recruitment

Our team works round-the-clock to find your Key Personnel.

  • Dedicated Account Executive for your search
  • Entire team of Recruiters and Sourcers
  • Global footprint with the ability to work around the clock

Compliance Checks

We work diligently to screen individuals we source.

  • Thorough vetting by Account Executive and team
  • Rigorous compliance check to ensure they meet your needs and standards
  • Mapping of PWS to Job Descriptions to ensure compliance

Managing Letter of Intent

Once our team finds your Key Personnel, we secure a LOI to attach to your proposal.

  • Secure letter of commitment
  • Keep candidates warm until award date
  • Work diligently to replace drop outs

Recent Bids

  • Kaiserslautern BOSS
  • DiPSS - Baghdad Embassy Key Personnel
  • USACE Task Force Safe
  • Navy Research Data Scientists
  • AFCAP IV Pricing and Key Personnel
  • AFRICAP Vehicle Maintenance PMO
  • Global Defense Reform Program (GDRP) Security Advisors
  • USAID South Sudan Embassy Facilities
  • GAVI Immunication/Vaccine Consultants
  • Global Health Supply Chain - ICL / PSA Laboratory
  • DLA Subsistence Prime Vendor PMO
  • MARSOC Key Personnel
  • NAVFAC BOSS Key Personnel
  • Korea Classified Facilities Engineers

"I proudly state that I advocate Jake Frazer and his oustanding Precision Talent Solutons (PTS) in all areas of recruiting, teamwork and deveoping strategy on critical "Must Win" complex business development pursuits. If we need a critical business development person with experience, skills, and a proven winning record, we go to Jake and his PTS team. If we are bidding a large, complex DoD capture pursuit, we go to Jake for support in all areas to include leadership positions and Key Personnel."

- Chris Holden, Vice President Business Development